2-4 February 2018 | Epreskert, Budapest

Arts and music festival in a Hungarian eco-village, aiming to create their own distinct universe.


UbikEklektik is organised by a small but immensely diverse group of musicians, artists, and eager volunteers. Coming from different backgrounds, but with a common ambition to create a community that connects different art forms and talented people who are curious by nature.

We are developing this platform of creative flows within a universe we invented, where reality and fiction are shifting constantly for the amusement of our audience.

Guiding Principles

We are evolving this universe following three guiding principles.

Small-scale community

We believe in limited scale festivals based on our experience of the past years. These events create an intimate atmosphere, in which each and every unique individual can easily add something to the story. So far, participation came naturally from everybody, this would have been far more challenging if greater amounts of people were involved.

Cavalcade of arts

UbikEklektik intends to bridge the gap between underground artists and music genres that are presumably hard to attach to one another.

We are giving exposure to up and coming, eccentric projects. We are providing a radically free space for self-expression. The objective of UbikEklektik is to genuinely expand minds by the creation of a collective experience with the help of all the artists and participants. We are convinced that in a festival state of mind, the exposure to arts is amazingly grateful.

Sci-fi theme

Ubik is the ever changing universe where UbikEklektik is going to take place. The emphasis is on creating our cosmos based on the participants, and we welcome everyone to take a role and write the narrative. Last year we introduced two tribes, whom this year will be joined by two new cultures, wanderers of our universes.

III. UbikEklektik

31 Aug - 03 Sept 2017 | Galgahévíz Ökofalu, Hungary

The four tribe of our story – Deepfields, Vuur, Taka Tuka and Lubick each mastering their own art form while connected to a natural force. They are existing in parallel universes, and have a distinct culture of their own.

Each tribe has the incentive to meet with external cultures, learn from them and eventually form a constellation of a common knowledge.  

However, these parallel universes are divided by invisible walls, blocking the route for our tribes to connect with each other. UbikEklektik is supposed to be the cohesive force, which this year opens a gate between the disconnected worlds.

The Tribes

The following four tribes will each have a particular location within the festival, which they create on their own and where they can introduce their culture.


Deepfields is the ancient civilization of the air, founders of the many first traditions of Ubik. They are floating with ease through times and ages, contemplating about the essence of existence. They are wise philosophers devoted to poetry, having a clear intention to expand one another’s mind.


Vuur is the tribe of the fire, the element of energy that fuels the spirit. Therefore Vuur has a sharp effect on its surroundings, a tribe you can’t miss for good. Their chosen art is painting, as they are not leaving a single event without impressive decoration. You’ll see definite marks of this tribe throughout UbikEklektik, and may join them to implement your ideas on the literal layers of the festival.

Taka Tuka

Taka Tuka is the folk of the earth, architects of their own special cosmos. In the blink of an eye, they install, build and create wild objects anywhere they occur. For that reason, Taka Tuka is the patron of sculpture and the art of craftsmanship. You’ll be glad to meet this tribe of charming wanderers, and be amazed by their hospitality and atypical installations.


Fríz is the people of the waters, a tribe appearing in different shapes and forms. As variable as a group can be, they encourage performances of any kind. You may find them next to the lake of UbikEklektik, and connect with their dances, rituals, and ceremonies.

The Location

We were looking for a long time for a special location to be the host of this year’s UbikEklektik. We found the eco village of Galgahévíz, a place in perfect tune with our goals and objectives. The village was founded in contrast of the modern consumeristic society, to create a more human habitat, a self-supplying community in harmony with its natural surroundings.


3-day passes start at $34, limited to 500 pieces. Click here to get your ticket now.

Made with 🍄 by Norbert Dragan